Frequently Asked Questions


Searching for an icon starts by entering a keyword describing the icons you are looking for. For example, if you look for an icon to be used in a forward button, you may try the following keywords: "forward", "right", "next", "forward arrow", "right arrow", "next arrow", etc.

We suggest you start with a generic one-word keyword which ensures you get enough results to filter later. If there are too many results (more than 1,000 results) for one-word keyword, you may add some more specific words to narrow down your search, like adding "arrow" to "forward" in this example. Please separate the words with a space. has the most complete search result filters in this industry which includes:

Search within results: This enables you quick filter current search results without starting a new search. For example, when a search for "flag" returns more than 1,000 results.Now enter "canada" into "Search within results" box will show you Canadian flag icons. Enter "germany" and it will switch to flags of Germany.

Size Range: Perhaps you are familar with it, it just lets you narrow down icons in the search results into a specified dimension range.For instance, the default value "0 - 128px" means all icons larger than 0px and smaller than 128px in width will be returned in search results.

Color Filter: By default, FindIcons shows you icons in all colors. But in cases you need a specific color, this will bring you most appropriate icons.For example, searching for "folder" will return more than 4,000 results. Clicking on the "red" box will narrow this down to 600 results which are colored red.

Sort By: By default, sorting results by relevancy might mix icons of various dimensions on one page. If you prefer to see large icons or small icons first, this tool can help you.

License: All icon packs on our website are free to use! Although every icon is available for personal use, some icon packs are not allowed for commercial usage and some authors require a link to their website.

Although we have already implemented a multilingual interface, but we currently only support keywords in English.

We may add multilingual keyword matching system in the future.


All dimensions associated with an icon are found in the original icon packs. That means a dimension is not available if the designer did not include it in the icon pack.

Usually, designers include .ICO, .ICNS and .PNG formats in their icon packs. If they didn't, we try to generate those 3 formats for each dimension found in the icon packs.

You got this error message just because we failed to generate the format you want. It mainly due to icon dimension or color depth did not qualify with specified format.


Usersets are created by every user to group their favorite or frequently used icons. It's just like a folder on your hard drive but with 24/7 access from anywhere. Currently, only one-level usersets can be created.

Yes, usersets are bound to each account so you'll need to sign up for an account before creating your personal sets.

No, currently only you can see the usersets you created and all the icons you put in them. Once we have enough good quality usersets, we may open userset marked as public to other users. You can control this as detailed in userset edit page.

Since we have more than 2,100 icon packs on our website, we have an option for you to add icon packs as a whole to your Favorites Box. In this case, you cannot add or remove individual icons to or from the packs.


It has two kinds of converters:

Integrated converter:: Besides the ICO, ICNS and PNG formats we naturally support, we also integrated a Convert button into every icon box that you see on our pages.Click on the button and it will output the icon into BMP, GIF, JPG, PSD or TIF format.

Stand-alone converter:: We created a stand-alone icon converter which enables you upload and convert a local image. The following formats are supported: ICO, ICNS, ICO(multi-res), ICNS(multi-res), BMP, EPS, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, SVG, TGA, TIFF formats.

The following conversions are supported:

Images to ICO: It will scale down the image automatically if needed and create all appropiate sizes of .ICO images in a .zip archive for download.

Images to ICNS: It will scale down the image automatically if needed and create all appropiate sizes of .ICNS images in a .zip archive for download.

ICO to Images: It will extract all images found in the .ICO file (if it's a multi-resolution icon) and prompt you which to be included in the conversion.

ICNS to Images: It will extract all images found in the .ICNS file (if it's a multi-resolution icon) and prompt you which to be included in the conversion.

Images to Images: As a supplement, this converter can be used to convert between any of the supported formats.


Tags are words to describe the icons. They are generated in two ways:

By Program: We initially match certain tags to icons by an algorithm designed by our developers.

By Users: Some tags are submitted by our users or edited manually by our editors.

No, we encourage all users to submit tags to our database so anonymous users can submit tags too. However, all tags submissions are subject to editor review before adding to our database.


Yes, every user can submit icon pack to us. If you are not the author, please use this form.

If you are the author or copyright owner of the icon packs listed on our website and you found any incorrect information, please contact for a modification.