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    Basically, this can be done in two ways. One is by adding a tag which you think is relevant to the icon but not currently associated with it in the database.
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    Failed to create account
  • Napaka pri ustvaritvi računa
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    Password retrieval request has expired.
  • Zahtevek za povrnitev gesla se je iztekel.
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    Enter the email address you provided at registration. A message with instructions on how to get your password back will be sent to that address.
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    This page has been removed due to profanity content detected on the page.
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    Suggest new features or report bugs
  • Predlagajte novo funkcijo ali prijavite napako.

    Translated byigor.cucnik on 2010-04-19 (Report this user)

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    As its name suggests, FindIcons.com is an icon search engine helps you find free icons.
  • Kot že samo ime pove je FindIcons.com, iskalnik, ki Vam pomaga poiskati zastonjske ikone.

    Translated bymatic.magister on 2010-04-23 (Report this user)

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    As a supplement, this converter can be used to convert between any of the supported formats.
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    Someone, hopefully you, signed up for a new account at %(domain)s using this email address.
  • Nekdo, verjeto ti, je ustvaril nov račun na %(domain)s z uporabo tega email naslova.
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    FindIcons.com - There's no better way to find icons (%(icon_count)s free icons in %(pack_count)s icon packs)
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