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Join thousands of members at FindIcons.com to search through more than %(active_icon_count)s free icons in %(active_pack_count)s icon packs.


If you are a free icon designer, submitting your work to us will better expose your work to the public in the long run and will also benefit other designers.


Search is a comprehensive science, we just hope to create a cutting-edge search engine in this niche market which may simplify every designer's work life a little bit.


For instance, the default value "0 - 128px" means all icons larger than 0px and smaller than 128px in width will be returned in search results.


Tip: If converting to <em>.ICO</em> or <em>.ICNS</em> files, it will scale down the image and fill in all applicable sizes automatically.


Free Icons Search Engine - FindIcons.com (%(icon_count)s free icons in %(pack_count)s icon packs)


Tip: It's a single resolution <em>.ICNS</em> file


You will have to create at least one userset before adding icons to it.


Change Your Theme


No, currently only you can see the usersets you created and all the icons you put in them.

1-10 of 197 messages